Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Excited Giveaway

We had an interesting conversation with some Chinese friends at lunch today.  We talked about which was the more culturally-sensitive/appropriate way to help local people. To give a poor person assistance without being asked?  (i.e. - a gift of money or a load of coal)  Or to give only in response to a stated need and a request for help?

The response?  There was some disagreement, since the friends hailed from various parts of China where local culture varies somewhat, but the general consensus for our village's culture was this...  Giving a gift without being asked would cause the person to "loose face."  They would feel like you looked down upon them and pitied them because they were poor.  So that isn't the best option.  But, unfortunately, everyone also agreed that no one would ever actually ask for help.  They're too proud.  Each of our friends could name several people that could really use the help, but they won't accept it or ask for it.

So it seems we have an unsolvable problem.

Except it isn't.

Everyone was in agreement about one thing... if you could give someone a job and let them earn their way, there is no loss of face and they will always accept the work.  It meets their needs with dignity and compassion.

Hearing that -- which we suspected all along, just from our observations about this village the last few years -- reinvigorates us and confirms our mission.  Launching the Scarlet Threads boutique has been a lot of work, and we have a long ways to go, but it has such a potential for life transformation.  We're excited!

Can you get excited too?

Maybe a giveaway will help...

We are going to give away one Phoebe apron, to be shipped from the USA to the winner on November 20, 2009.  You might even have it in time to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey.

Here's how to enter... you get one entry for each thing that you do.  If you've already done some of these things, go ahead and enter the giveaway... Simply leave a comment listing the ways you've entered!

1) Sign up as a follower of the Scarlet Threads blog.
2) Put the Scarlet Threads button on your blog or website.
3) Write a blog post about Scarlet Threads and link to our website and/or to this giveaway.
4) Update your Facebook status, and link to Scarlet Threads and/or this giveaway!
5) Twitter about the giveaway.
6) Tell some real life friends about Scarlet Threads.  (I'll trust you on this.)

The winner will be selected and posted on Nov. 19.  If you want to be notified via email if you win, please include your email address in your comment, or send it to me at

Let the giveaway begin!


  1. Yay! I'm the first follower! I also posted on Facebook! I love the Phoebe apron... I'm pretty sure the aprons are what I'm doing for Christmas gifts this year.

  2. I've signed up to follow, posted the Scarlet Threads button on my blog, and put a link on Facebook. Sign me up! I love the Phoebe apron, and already ordered one for a Christmas gift...but I wouldn't mind having one for myself! :)

  3. Following
    Button on blog
    Linked on Facebook

    Thanks for the fun contest!

  4. I'm a follower, I told some friends about this sight (and my exciting purchase!), linked on FB, grabbed the button for my blog...and I plan to post over the weekend! :)

    Great contest!!

    And just an idea...maybe you could offer some matching kid-sized aprons?!?!... I would buy several for gifts! :)

  5. Hey! What a wonderful and exciting contest!
    I've signed up as a blog follower,
    I have added the Scarlet Threads button to my blog
    I made a blog post today about Scarlet Threads
    And I've shared it with some folks!

    I'm excited even if I don't happen to have my name drawn. I'm hoping that the Christmas Tree will have a package under it with an apron in it from that resourceful husband of mine ... or well, I guess my birthday is in August. :-)

  6. Count me in!

    I put the link on Facebook, grabbed the button and popped it on my blog.

    I told a person about it...just one so far though...and posted about Scarlet Threads today on my blog.

    I'm sorry I don't twitter...but if I tell my mom, it is sorta the same thing! Hee hee! (just kidding mom!)

  7. Carrie-
    This is awesome. So far I've:
    1. Become a follower
    2. Updated my facebook
    3. Told a friend
    Would love to have a Phoebe apron! Hope this endeavor continues to grow.

    Peace to you and Jacob.

  8. I will do EVERYTHING but Twitter...don't twitter..sorry! I already grabbed the button as SOON as it was available...and the only reason I haven't blogged yet once you gave the because we have been beading our way back to China all week..and the big bazaar AND Josiah Yanan's birthday are both TOMORROW!
    So once I get through the weekend...I will totally put it on my FB and blog...not even for a contest but because I love love love the heart behind this operation. In fact, I told several of my real friends way before you said I could do it publicly!
    I love this! Love the work, love the mission, love the women, love China...and love our little girl that we've yet to meet and can't wait to have her in our arms getting the medical care she will need and hearing stories about how long her brother prayed for her to get here and how hard her sister worked with me to bead enough to make the money to come get her and how her Daddy saved up all his money serving overseas to bring her home and how her Ge-ge managed all the finances of the family venture....all for HER...because God planted her in our hearts long before we ever will see her face! WE HEART CHINA!!

  9. I did five of them....I really love that one, too!

  10. Oh what a great idea!! I am so excited to see Scarlett Threads take off! I will do all 6! Great timing to get the word out with Christmas on the way.

  11. I'm a follower now! I've told friends! I've posted on facebook and i've tweeted about it... not to say that I've purchased 2 for Christmas presents! Woo Hoo! I love Scarlet Threads!

  12. I just love Scarlet Threads, what a fantastic idea, and the aprons are simply adorable! I have done 5 out of 6 (not a twitterer :) or I would be 6 for 6). You are an inspiration!

  13. Posted on facebook & will blog about it too-Great idea-Good Luck!

  14. i'm following, i facebooked, and i've told all my friends! great idea for the giveaway. thanks! :)

  15. Told many folks here in Atlanta area, will continue to post on my blog about this great idea and looking for new ways to "get the word out" :)
    Susan Chapman

  16. I entered!!
    *grabbed the button
    *blogged about it
    *tried to become a follower but blogger was having trouble locating the site -gonna keep on trying. :)

    *I don't Facebook or Twitter otherwise I'd do tht too. :)

    LOVE this idea!

  17. I'm a follower and have the link on my blog. What beautiful aprons - off to make my first purchase!

  18. I'm a follower!! And I posted a button on my blog and I posted a link in my post about Christmas shopping and I'm headed to Facebook right now!!!

  19. Hope I'm not too late!