Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving Along

We had our very first local sales event!  Scarlet Threads had a booth at a local gift bazaar, featuring hand-made gifts created in China.   It went really well!  We sold nearly 30 aprons!  The response was much stronger than we anticipated.  Scarlet Threads is really getting off the ground, and we're so thankful and excited!

The results of that poll were entirely unhelpful.  :)  It looks like you basically thought all of the ideas were good ones, which I guess is a good thing even if it didn't help us narrow it down.  So we're going to get busy on developing some of them.  It will take a while before they're available for purchase in the USA, but we're working on it! 

There's still time to get an apron for Christmas!  We have a stock in-route to the USA right now.  So if you've ordered an apron recently, they'll be in the mail soon, and we'll soon be ready to fulfill orders more quickly than before!  So, if you're still looking for a perfect gift for the cook in your family, check out us!


  1. Your booth looks incredible! Wish I could have been there to do a little browsing. :) I'm so glad that business is picking up and things are moving along...what a delight for all involved!!!

  2. I recieved my aprons (Molly and Savannah) yesterday! They are so beautiful and all the girls in my dorm are jealous! It's been great spreading the word about Scarlet Threads! I am so excited to watch my mom open up her apron (Savannah) on Christmas morning, not only will the beauty capture her but also the wonderful story that follows the apron! May we all cook in fashion and in love with our new aprons! By the way Carrie, if you need a name for a new funky fun apron, I think "Kinsey" is quite appropriate... :)

    Thanks again, These Aprons are WONDERFUL!