Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fair Trade Fan – Exposé

We have a Scarlet Threads fan of whom we are fans!

Tara is heading to Haiti on Wednesday through the partnership of two organizations: Servlife International and Mission Haiti Midwest. She will be using her nursing skills to alleviate the pain and suffering of the earthquake victims, specifically those in need of post-op care. In this situation, patients who have undergone surgery need to be removed from the hospitals to make way for more critical patients. Post-op care remains the most pressing medical need as patients (both in need of surgery and in need of recovery) have nowhere to go. That is changing thanks to people like Tara.

One of the things that I have admired the most about her, over our seven year friendship, is the fact that she is able to handle sickness, injury, and pain with a calm compassion. One of the things that has disturbed me the most, however, is her fascination with medical cases (one of which was our dear friend’s terrible toenails – gross, don’t ask). That said, I would trust her with my life.

Tara has always been willing to take risks for those in need. Thankfully, her boss allows her to take as much time as she needs for each of her humanitarian missions (yay!). Haiti isn’t her first mission, and it won’t be her last. As this trip draws near, she is nervous about the emotionally draining week she faces. Her heart is touched with every ounce of suffering, even though she is able to place her feelings aside to render desperately-needed care.

We at Scarlet Threads wish her the best, and we can’t wait until she returns safely to give us an update.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Love you, girl. Get ‘er done.


P.S. This just in, Tara will have company! Another close friend and nurse, Johanna will be accompanying her! Our friends never cease to amaze by their selflessness.

L2R Tara & Johanna

To be continued...

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