Monday, January 25, 2010

The Ideal Valentine

Now, it is a well known fact that a man with a wife is in want of a unique Valentine’s Day Gift.

Don’t get me started on whether Valentine’s Day is a real celebration of love or a Fabricated Floral Frenzy designed to boost flower and chocolate sales in the slow months between Christmas and Easter. The plain and simple fact of the matter is that wives and girlfriends (and fiancées, in case Aaron is reading) expect a unique gift from the heart. I suppose the question is, does an apron fall into this category? The answer is a resounding yes, just with some minor modifications and quid pro quos.

{The Dos and Don’ts of buying an Apron as a Valentine’s Day gift.}

Purchase a lovely handmade fair trade apron, write a heartfelt note, don the apron and cook dinner.
Don’t:Purchase an apron, put it in a gift box, and tell your significant other to cook dinner.

Do (if you dare):
Purchase an apron, put it in a gift box, write a heartfelt note, and present the lady in your life her gift. Then remind her that this is her night off, and take her to a fancy restaurant.
Don’t: Forget to make reservations ahead of time as she will suspect that you are merely bringing her out to make up for such an insensitive gift.

Purchase the Mother/Daughter matching Apron set, scope out M/D cooking lessons.
Don’t: Inform your Wife/Daughter Team that their previous meals were unsatisfactory, which is why you have given them lessons.

Are there any questions? If anyone asks, in my opinion, select the first Do option. It’s adorable. However one last Don’t…Hamburgers and Fries are not typically an acceptable Valentine’s meal. (Hmm... can someone say bad experience in 2009?)

By: Eileen Viscontini


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we wanted to offer a little incentive to men (or women) in want of a unique Valentine's gift. Buy any item(s) in the Scarlet Threads shop, enter the coupon code IdealValentine upon checkout, and enjoy 15 percent off your order from now until February 8!

And because we just don't want the fun to end, we want to hear your "Ideal Valentine" stories. Maybe it was less-than-ideal... bordering on disaster. Maybe you, like Eileen, were served a hamburger and fries on the special day. Maybe your story is simply divine? Or perhaps you have stories that are funny or maybe they're painfully awkward. We all have them. Let's share the love and some laughter. Here's what you do...
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Image Credit: Magazine illustration, 1954 (colour litho) by English School, (20th century) Private Collection/ © The Advertising Archives/ The Bridgeman Art Library


  1. I forget to check this blog, sorry! I have a great Valentine story from 3rd grade. One little boy in class gave me a Valentine with a fox on it and it said "I'm foxy enough to be your Valentine"... only he scratched out "I'm" and wrote "You're". His name was Demetrius and I will NEVER forget it as long as I live. Neither will my 4 older sisters. :)

  2. Valentine's Day 2005:

    I was 6 months pregnant with Chloe and Eli was 20 months old. It was our first Valentine's Day in FIVE years that Andrew was home to celebrate (such is military life!). Andrew asked me what I wanted, and it was simple. Dinner at our favorite Chinese place, a box of chocolate covered strawberries, and a romantic movie in the DVD player. On the way to dinner, I started feeling nauseous, but chalked it up to being pregnant. We ordered dinner and as soon as I took the first bite, I rushed to the restroom! I'll spare you the details, but I did NOT eat any dinner or any chocolate covered strawberries...nor did I care to watch a movie. Turns out I had the flu, and Eli came down with it the next day!

  3. My favorite ever Valentine's Day? Feb. 14, 2007
    We received a call that changed our lives...and still is changing us....the call asking us if we would prayerfully consider adopting a 15 month old boy in Inner Mongolia. I can still remember the way my heart was pounding...waiting for the email with his information....looking at his pictures for the first many questions...most of all was, "God, is HE the one you called us to?"
    And having Chinese dinner in celebration of this little boy's life...not yet certain if he would become our son. And he was the one...and every Valentine's Day we have Chinese in honor of our son...and this year....we are having a special party on Valentine's Day to celebrate Chinese New Year.
    Can't wait for THIS Valentine's Day!!

  4. I posted on I tried to link it...not working for me!


  5. I've got a good one coming!!!! Just have to wait until naptime to write!!! It's coming I promise!