Sunday, January 10, 2010


I'm shameless.  Seriously.  I feel zero guilt about asking massive favors of people around me.  At least, as long as I can tag "It's for a good cause!" on the end of my request.

Take for example the recent request to Jacob's little brother and his fiancee to take 180 aprons and 27 adorable Tiger Hats back to the USA with them.  They put it in their luggage but still had to find a box big enough for them to be mailed...

I love Eileen's story about Boxie... She shared this story with our family, who appreciates "efficiency" like no other family I know, but I thought it was too good not to pass on.  Just a little glimpse into the behind the scenes world of Scarlet Threads.

So, Carrie sent us home with 180 Aprons and 27 Tiger Hats destined for the Scarlet Threads Distribution Center in Perryton, TX. I anticipated having to shop for a box big enough to ship the products all together, but then I had a brilliant idea! I work in a 50 storey office building, surely somewhere there is a big enough box that no one wants. That way, we can save money because we won’t have to buy one AND I can lessen the impact on the environment by re-using a perfectly good box! I persuaded our office assistant (Aggie) to assist me in finding said box (as box hunting does not fit her job description) by explaining that she is helping to empower women in rural Asia through this box acquisition quest. We scoured the halls and offices, and finally found a gigantic box. Eureka! Only to realize that this was only one part of the equation. 

I now had to find a way to bring the box home on the COMMUTER BUS, during 5:00 RUSH HOUR, when there is STANDING ROOM ONLY. Breaking down the box into a somewhat manageable 4 x 5 foot heavy duty cardboard unbendable sheet seemed the only logical option. Sailing down the elevator with my cardboard parachute, I change direction with my cardboard rudder and head out into the beautiful windy afternoon. I face the dangers darting across a busy street to catch my bus. We unsuccessfully attempt to stow my bounty underneath the bus in the cargo bin. And, so I face the stares of the nearly full bus as I try to force my cardboard sheet to turn corners not designed for its turning radius. Only 7 more stops to go before I am home free. At each stop the remaining seats are filled around me and my cardboard box taking up two seats. Finally, the person with the short straw who embarked on his homeward journey either 6 minutes too early or 6 minutes too late to catch the non-wierdo-filled bus was forced to become our travel companion. Luckily, Boxie and my other companion (for by now, the box needed a name) each had a tremendous sense of humor and we had a pleasant journey to the bus stop. 

Boxie and I bid our companion farewell, and I only hope people weren’t watching as I not so gently forced Boxie into my not so mid-sized car. All this for a lovely box that may have cost 2 dollars at the post office. If this isn’t the definition of efficiency, I don’t know what is. I just figured I had to do something to earn admission into the McKean family. Do you think that it worked?

Poor Eileen.  I really should avoid putting my soon-to-be-family in such awkward positions.  However, I admire her confidence, as I'd probably have been too embarrassed myself to attempt such a feat in a Houston rush hour commute.  

The really good news of the story is that these products are very nearly to the Distribution Center (i.e. - my sister-in-law's house... the result of another shameless plea for help), and as soon as they arrive, they'll be up on the web available for sale!  

Do we have an amazing family or what?!


  1. You are truly blessed to have such an incredible family working alongside you to turn your passion into reality! Way to go family!!! :)

  2. Amazing indeed! ;) Looks like she is a perfect fit for your family... and she clearly has a gift for writing, too. I giggled through the whole thing, envisioning every word. So funny!! LOL! I'm waiting for the new inventory to be ready for purchase, and then I'm doing my post for ya!! :)

    Have a blessed week! <><