Sunday, January 31, 2010

Te House of Tea partners with Scarlet Threads!

Picture courtesy of The Loop Scoop. THX!

I wanted to share our latest success, with our readers – a partnership with Te House of Tea!

Important Announcement: Te House of Tea in Houston, TX will be selling Scarlet Threads products on consignment!

My brother discovered Te while researching fair trade venues in Houston, in hopes of becoming a fair trade Hero. He invited me to come out to explore the location and discuss both Scarlet Threads and his new project (TheLoopScoop). Being rather meek, it required substantial pumping up to convince me to talk to the owner about carrying our products in the shop. I left my name and number (and the ST website, of course).

Lo and behold, success!

The very next Monday Aaron and I visited Connie, one of the owners of Te, who wanted to know all about our organization, our Founders (the magnificent Jacob and Carrie), our fair trade values, etc. Our new friends seemed excited about our products and prospects, and we were equally excited about joining forces for Mission Fair Trade! During our conversation, we agreed that gone are the days of buying stuff, people nowadays want a story and a connection behind the merchandise!

En route from our distribution center in Perryton, TX are two of each kind of apron and six Tiger Hats to take Houston by storm. The New Year (Chinese) is fast approaching and we need to bring it in with a Roar (of hats)!

We will have the merchandise in place before Te’s CNY celebration, of which we intend to be a part.

PS – In order to prepare myself for Te's CNY celebration, I researched its history and traditions and will tackle the complexities in my next blog post. Pray that I find a way to condense my thoughts.

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  1. Incredible news!!! I have no doubt that Houston will soon be completely in LOVE with Scarlet Threads!