Saturday, February 6, 2010

Like the Last Piece of Pie

So this is my good friend Caroline and her yummy apple pie.

Anyway, it was de-lish.  I'm sure wearing the Caroline apron had something to do with the final product.  It's a well-known fact that these aprons make everything taste better.  (How's that for false advertising?)

Anyway, I named the Caroline apron for my beautiful friend Caroline, because it is in her favorite colors.  But the sad piece of news I got from our lead seamstress this week is that the fabric market is out of this print.  So, we won't get any new stock of the Caroline...  I'm a little sad, because it was one of my favorites.  But on the other hand, it just means we'll have to do something new!

So, that means if you've been eyeing the Caroline (the apron, not the friend *wink*), you might want to move fast, as we only have about 25 left in stock.  There are still a few more days you can use the IdealValentine coupon code (15 percent off), so now's a great time to buy

It's sort of like a good apple pie... if you wait too long to get your piece, it's all gone.

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