Sunday, February 21, 2010

@ScarletThreadFT -- Our Twitter Experiment

So, Twitter has become an intellectual addiction for me. It pleases my puzzle-prone brain to ponder people's pigmy proclamations in an effort to paint a picture of their personality. It isn't as comprehensive as Facebook, you can't write volumes or post millions of photo albums. You have to work to create an attention grabbing snippet that says what you mean it to say. On top of that, it has to be interesting.

I was tweeting with some folks of similar fair trade mindsets the other day, they were asking how do we compete with fashion companies who are only concerned with profit margins and who undoubtedly have bigger names, a farther reach, and deeper pockets. I think our ability to compete is inherent in our business models. I think that our products are the future because of the way they are produced. It has less to do with fair trade values, in my mind, and more to do with the paradigm shift in consumers. Believe it or not, people don’t want STUFF anymore! They want stories, conversation pieces, and above all they want to feel connected.

Like it or not globalization is here to stay. I like to think that the shift is for the better, people can no longer claim ignorance to the plight of various groups within the human family and they need no longer feel that the gap is too large or the task to great. Ironically, it is through consumerism they find a way to help. Through the purchase of, let’s say, an apron they provide a job (or a washing machine) to a person half a world away (and actually get a useful product at the same time).

So my task has become to write 140 character stories of which O. Henry would be proud. Perhaps I can channel my inner JK Rowling and weave masterful stories that will appeal to the masses! I have one thing on my side, truth is stranger than fiction.


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