Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calling All Virtual Volunteers

We’ve been blessed with numerous offers of help from people all over the world, and we are very grateful! One of our supporters Natalie coined the term “Virtual Volunteer” in an email, which we loved and decided to adopt and develop.

Here’s the gist. We need help spreading the message of Dignity. We need to be able to expand our microenterprise and grow its impact to include additional seamstresses and a local business manager (not Carrie or Jacob!).

Here are some easy ways to be a Virtual Volunteer:

1. Send an email saying "I want to be a VV!" to Eileen@ScarletThreads.org to receive updates on current and future initiatives, or to suggest promotion ideas.

2. Jon our Facebook Fan Page!  Comment on Facebook Posts, participate on the Facebook Discussion Board, or “Share” the posts or pictures on your Wall.

3. Tweet! Follow @ScarletThreadFT, participate in our #WhyShouldWeCare/#ICareBecause tweet-a-thons, and/or add us to your #FF (Follow Friday) list.

4. Put our button on your blog, write a post about your purchase or what our mission means to you, or host an Apron Party (and then blog about it)! (And let us know with a blog comment if you do!)

5. Participate in our monthly themes (February Fan Fair, Microenterprise March, April Apronization, Mother’s May), further details coming.

6. Provide a recipe (with a picture that includes an ST apron) for our Tasty Tuesday segment.

7. Send in new product ideas to Carrie@ScarletThreads.org

Here are some needs for Virtual Volunteers with excessive determination and spunk:

1. Identify Fair Trade, Kitchen Stores, Bakeries, or other sales outfits (online or otherwise) who might be interested in purchasing wholesale from Scarlet Threads. (Email links and contact information to Eileen@ScarletThreads.org)

2. Identify Blogs or Businesses who would be willing to purchase an apron (at 30% discount) for a giveaway, or consider hosting one yourself! (Email links and contact information to Carrie@ScarletThreads.org)

3. Identify Fair Trade organizations with a similar heart that have a message that we should consider highlighting for our periodic Fair Trade Exposé segments (email links and contact information to Eileen@ScarletThreads.org)

4. Refer media (freelance writers) to Scarlet Threads for a potential human interest piece.

Questions? Email Eileen@ScarletThreads.org.

Together, we can make a world of difference in a tiny village.

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