Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Dou Xuefen!

Dou Xuefen has spent her whole life in the same small village just outside Beijing.

Early in her marriage, life was simple and happy. She and her husband worked as farmers and were experiencing the joy of raising their son. Their home was simple and clean with basic electricity but no running water. Dou found great joy in keeping house and working alongside her husband. But in 2006 their whole world changed when her husband was diagnosed with heart disease. He received a surgery that saved his life, but it left his heart so weakened he was unable to work. The medical bills and daily medications completely drained their resources, leaving them in a state of poverty that to that point they had never known.

Dou was left with the weight of providing for her family by herself. This caused enormous strain, not only on their finances but on their relationships. In desperate need, Dou’s family joined the Pearl Project.

The Pearl Project is an outreach of New Day Creations. The goal of the Pearl Project is to help restore dignity to families who need it most by providing money to cover medical bills, schooling costs and home repairs. Scarlet Threads believes in the value of this work and donates 5% of each sale to the Pearl Project.

Through help from the Pearl Project, Dou began working as a prep cook in New Day’s dining hall. Her health was not strong, but she could still do work on a part time basis. In 2009, she transitioned to a new role at New Day as a part time housekeeper. In addition to providing this employment for Dou, the Pearl Project has also helped Dou’s family by paying medical bills, giving scholarships for their son’s schooling, and providing repairs to their home. Through all this, their desire has never been to become dependent. Because of Dou’s hard work and diligent saving, her family has been able to pay their own medical bills for over one year. Rising out of desperate times has brought them incredible hope for the future.

They are also very hopeful for their son’s future. He is in high school now and is an outstanding student with hopes of attending college one day. Recently, his principal began purchasing all his school books for him because he noticed that Chen would set aside his lunch money every day to save for more books. The principal often tells his parents that he is a very bright young man and has a strong academic future. Dou’s primary focus is seeing that her son has every opportunity to achieve his dreams.

Dou joined the Scarlet Threads team in early 2010. She carefully folds and packages each Scarlet Threads product by hand and can do this work from home. When you purchase a product from Scarlet Threads, you become part of Dou’s story and are helping her provide for her family.

To learn more about the Pearl Project and how you can help, please email Caroline at

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  1. I LOVE knowing that the few aprons I have purchased this year were packaged so neatly by Dou...that they were in HER home and now they are in mine. Something about that 'red thread' connection in more ways than one. And she does such a great job of it, too. I took one out to look at that I purchased for a gift, and I there's no way I could repackage it as perfectly and professionally as she did... and I'm a stickler for details, so that is saying a lot for her skills! PTL that you have found such a wonderful way to help her family, all while preserving dignity!!

    May God richly bless you all! <><