Monday, April 5, 2010

The New Girl in Town

Eeek!  I almost forgot that I was supposed to pick a winner for Apron No. 3 today!

And she shall be called...

I love the palindrome naming idea.  Great fun.  Clever.  I never would have thought of that myself, which is why asking all of you for ideas was BRILLIANT!  (See I do have some good ideas.)  Heather, e-mail me for the coupon code!

And guess what, as I type this post, all of these new lovely ladies are up in the air, somewhere above Antarctica right now.  They're on the way to my sister-in-law Jenny, our lovely distributor, and will be available for sale mid-month, as long as they don't get lost somewhere along the way.

There's one more little, bitty surprise inside those boxes... but I'll save that for another post, as I'm off to bed.


  1. I LOVE these new styles...they are my faves!! But I do have one small request: could you make some with adjustable neckline straps/ties for us taller, longer torso and full-figured ladies! They really do not fit me right, without the waist ties landing right under my bustline, so I look more like 'grannie' off of Looney Tunes! ;) LOL!!

  2. I love it!

    :) i'm delighted to pick out my favorite one!

    Your aprons are so adorable!

  3. Thanks for the input, Tanya! Actually all of our aprons (including Lucy and Olivia) are adjustable at the neck... Elle is our first apron that isn't. And, it actually is designed with a higher waist... but, I appreciate the feedback, and in the next batch we'll probably might make Elle with neck ties!

  4. I love the new designs too! So cute!

  5. Love the apron and LOVE the name!!! Perfect! :)