Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: Mother's May

Life, by its simplest definition, begins at birth. But, the words “bringing life” are far more expansive than that single (often lengthy) action. It involves, sheltering, nurturing, loving, disciplining, and these are not necessarily actions done by the person who gave birth to you. It could be a grandmother, an aunt, or a complete stranger.

24 hours is simply too short a period to celebrate the women in the world who bring life. So, here at Scarlet Threads, we’ve decided to change Mother’s Day to Mother’s May. To celebrate, I hope that you will either write a blog post and link to ours (a blog carnival, of course!) or join the
discussion board on Facebook to share a memory, a tribute, or a story about a Mother who has changed your life.

Mothers are the mission of Scarlet Threads. They are at once the people we are trying to help and the people from whom we draw the strength and inspiration to continue our work. The women who we employ are Mothers trying to provide for their families. They are hard working, loving, and courageous. They will do whatever it takes to make ends meet. Out of their necessity was birthed Scarlet Threads, and by their nature is it maintained.

FYI - Carrie will have to add the Mr Linky tonight (tomorrow in China)... :) She's the sensei, I am but a learner.

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