Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking for a way to help? We need you!


Hi, my name is Lauren and I am working with Scarlet Threads as an intern over the summer.

We need your help! Scarlet Threads is looking to place our products in more stores and we are looking to start in your town. Who knows which boutiques are interested in selling our trendy, chic aprons better than you?

Here’s the plan:

First: You can give us the names of boutiques or coffee shops (anything works!) that you know of that might be willing to carry Scarlet Threads products. We will then try to contact them about carrying our merchandise.

Or if you want to go above and beyond. . .

We can send you a packet so that you can contact your local boutiques! An added personal touch might be just what these businesses need to say “Okay!”

So rack your brains for your favorite coffee shop or boutique that you would like to see carrying Scarlet Threads products! If you are interested you can contact us by sending an email to with your suggestions. Any help, ideas, or suggestions for possible carriers are welcome as we are trying to get the Scarlet Threads name out in many communities!



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