Thursday, July 15, 2010

Naming Contest: Something Sweet for the Kitchen

In our last line, we debuted the Elle... a fun and funky reversible apron. It was such a hit that we decided to do take-two.

This beautiful lady is decked out in the colors of a late summer evening. And with the bold floral print on one side and a leaf motif on the other, she's hinting at fall with her autumnal prints.

You get the choice of a green polka-dot sash and neck-tie or a brown one... take your pick!  This apron is already available in our shop for $30!  So while you're helping us come up with a name, maybe you'll want to pick out your favorite and get it on the way!

Naming contest closes on Wed., July 21.  The winner will get a 50 percent off coupon for anything in our shop, and all participants will get the chance to get a half-price baglette with any purchase.


  1. The prints remind me of colors and look in my grandmother's home when I was a child. So I would say, "HenriEtta" or "Evelyn" in honor of either of my grandmothers.

  2. This one screams Lauren to me. Probably because I gave it to Lauren at my wedding!

  3. They remind me of the colors of Autumn, so how about Autumn?

    Love this apron!

  4. To me, this print combo feels romantic and whimsical, and at first glance when I saw it, it struck me as a "Juliette."

    Soooo pretty!

  5. It has a certain elegance. I'm thinking either Sarah or Sophia.

  6. How about Andrea.
    Very Fall-ish and pretty!

  7. I LOVE this apron! And with it being reversible I'm going to suggest another palindromic name to go along with the precedent already set with the name chosen for "Elle"--okay, I'm going to suggest three names:
    1.) Arora
    2.) Ava
    3.) Esse

  8. To me it looks like a Mona. It reminds me of someone who is distinguished and sassy, and who is in the 'autumn' stages of her life.

  9. I love the palindrome theme with it being reversible and with the description above of a late summer evening, I'm going to suggest "Eve."
    I also like someone else's suggestion of "Autumn."

  10. Love this one!

    I like Penelope.

  11. How about Margaret or Maggie for short?