Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Products!

We've been quiet these last few weeks... sorry friends.  Lots of reasons for that.  Eileen was busy becoming a McKean (it was a beautiful wedding, and I'm super-excited she's officially my sister-in-law) and I was getting ready for a trip to the USA (it is SOO GOOD to be home!).  We were all taking a bit of time off from Scarlet Threads, but we were busy behind the scenes... Getting ready to launch our summer/fall line!

And you know what we need for these new products?  NAMES!

Just like last time, we're hosting a naming contest for our newest products... the winner of each will get a 50 percent off coupon for any item in our store, and all participants will qualify for a special offer -- a half-price baglette with any purchase!

All the products are available for purchase (under temporary names) in our shop, but we'll be posting one a day for the next few days here on the Scarlet Threads blog for you to name.

So without further ado, here's the first product.  It's part of our new line... dresses for little girls!  The dress is a steal at only $20... especially considering how adorable it is.

What do you think... should we give them girls' names (like the aprons)?  Or something more whimsical and fun?  We're not sure what we think, so give us your best ideas!

Name suggestions will be accepted until Wednesday, July 21!  Leave a comment here or on our facebook page to suggest a name.


  1. Ok...the red paisley with polka dots at the bottom should be Eileen and the floral with white...Clara. Those two names just jumped right out! Such beautiful dresses!

  2. Ok....
    So I like the idea of using names you might find in a crayon box, so for the first one I propose Razzmatazz and for the second I'm thinking Tickle Me Pink or Flower Fields.
    These dresses are beautiful!

  3. Well, clearly I love calling the dress Eileen. But in order to be different, I will suggest "Pebbles" - I just think it's sweet.

  4. I think the floral one should be Hannah, and the Paisley one should be Jenny, although I do like Eileen.
    Also, I think you should stick with girls names for the products. It's very Ann Taylor :)

  5. Love them!

    Mariah and Melinda!

  6. What about Dottie for the first and June for the second?

  7. okay, well...I 'think' I like the idea of girl names the best. But I like a double name, like "Ann Taylor" to be different from the aprons. So might I suggest "Khloe Mei" for one of them (I have NO IDEA where that comes just seemed right! LOL!!)...I think the floral one, as it has my Khloe written all over it...and I'm certain I will be purchasing at least one when they are released! ;) Nothing better than naming one after a NewDay original Beauty!! ;) Gorgeous dresses...they are both adorable!


  8. Whimsical, fun and girly? How about Paisley Mae and Besty in Bloom? Love both prints!

  9. I totally am in with the idea of "double names" for the little girl dresses!

    My suggestions are from 2 sweet sisters I met last summer.

    Floral: Summer Joy
    Red Polka Dot/Paisley: Autumn Grace

  10. When I first saw the red polka dot/ paisley I saw Grace without a doubt. Like the idea of the double names though. As for the floral, my vote would be Chloe.

    Beautiful designs!

  11. If you wanted to deviate from names -- what about Pixie and Fairy?

  12. great suggestions so far!
    how about a british influence??
    lottie and lacey

  13. I like the names. Johnnae Pronounced with a silent J like Yohawna..
    I re-read some of the post above and I think the Summer Joy and Autumn Grace are great names.