Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pinwheels: A Joyful Summer Dress

So this is the last item we have to launch!  It's available in our shop right now for $22, but it needs a name...

For girls between 7-10 years old, these summer play dresses feature a sash in the back and coconut buttons from neck to hem along the front. In shades of purple, teal, and brown, this fun dress will become a quick favorite of your little girl.

Small: 28" long, 12.5" at waist
Medium: 29" long, 14" at waist
Large: 30.5" long, 14.75" at waist

Doesn't it look perfect to wear when eating a rainbow snow-cone or a drippy ice cream cone?  What do you think we should call her?

Entries accepted until Wednesday, July 21.  Winner will receive a 50 percent off coupon good for one item in our shop, and all participants will qualify for a half-price baglette with any purchase!


  1. My daughter Olivia and I think that this dress is a Victoria. It's sweet, cute, wanting to be grown up, and sassy. We love it!

    There is a certain New Day grad who comes to mind when I see this dress, and I can absolutely imagine her in it, with all her many hair bows and all. :0)

  2. My 10 yr old niece would look absolutely beautiful in this dress, and she's a China beauty. So in her honor, I nominate the name Alison.

  3. Sydney is my suggestion.

  4. I choose Rachel after my brand new niece. Rachel is a classic name... as is this cute dress!

  5. Well, since these dresses are made for girls age 7-10, I looked and THE most popular girls name in 2000, 2001, and 2002 was EMILY. I bet if you name this one Emily, there will be so many girls thrilled to have a dress named after them!

  6. I think Desiree is a lovely name for the dress (and it's my daughter's name too!). Thanks for the great contest!