Monday, August 30, 2010

Our First Custom Order!

While traipsing about on Twitter one afternoon, I discovered a tweet asking where to find adorable matching craft aprons. Of course, I responded, imploring them to check out our beautiful Scarlet Threads aprons. Our friends over at @CrazyDaisyKits, the twitter handle of an awesome scrap-booking site, fell in love with Lucy and Olivia, but ultimately selected Olivia to be their gift to five women who have been instrumental in the success of their website.

There was a catch, as there always is. They wanted an extra pocket. You might think this would take us an inordinate amount of time to complete a custom order like this. But, you must realize that we are resourceful! Perhaps we learned our degree of resourcefulness from the seamstresses in the village.
My mother happens to be a tremendous seamstress and she assured me that it was no problem to create the pockets. Since we are a social enterprise, we payed my mother for her work and reimbursed her for the fabric she selected. I must say the pockets turned out amazingly well and we now have confidence in our ability to complete custom orders.

Should you be looking for a custom apron vendor, look no further! We would love to create special aprons for your business. The fabric market in Beijing is second to none, so contact us with the color scheme you have in mind and we will make a mock up and send you pictures for approval!

If you simply want a pocket added to your apron, let me know and I'll talk to my mom. :)



  1. The pocket is wonderful! And I love how resourceful you were and the new door that has been opened because of your ingenuity!

    Also ... I have a deep confession to make ... I too use my Olivia apron not when I'm cooking (I love it SO much and I'm too sloppy in the kitchen.) I use it when I am sewing for my new business--my Ruffled Feathers skirts!!--It's so inspirational to catch a glimpse of it while creating myself. Maybe you should mention how versatile these aprons really are! They're not just for the kitchen baby!