Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Updates!

So, we've had a few fantastic weeks! We've made friends with an awesome blog, had countless requests for information about apron parties (and a number already scheduled), and we have a giveaway going on!

Let me introduce you to our new blog-friends at Moms Wear Your Tees Blog. It's a marketing blog written by a stay at home mom who reports on interesting websites, products, and causes. Guess who she chose to report on this week? That's right, us! I think we should all travel over and leave a comment of thanks on her Scarlet Threads post. For visiting, maybe you will be rewarded by finding a coupon code to our store. (No secrets here, we gave her a coupon code for 10% off.)

Do you remember our friends at Tea and Crumpets? @Lexilooo is her Twitter-nym. Well, anyway, she's hosting Yet Another Giveaway on her blog and this time she's giving away our beautiful Penelope! Her giveaway ends on August 31st and, seriously, its so simple to enter you really can't justify not clicking over. Don't be stingy, now... share the link with friends!

Oh! And, here's another announcement. Our products have just been introduced at 7 Hopes United, a fair trade shop. Its founder, Ashley, is a huge Scarlet Threads supporter and we are so happy that she has chosen to feature our products in her shop. Actually, they are going to start bringing our adorable aprons to their local Farmer's Market where they have a permanent booth. If I ever find out where that is, I'll send you right over. Hehe.

I just wanted to introduce you to our friends! They are so amazing and without their help (and yours) our message of dignity would just be spread ... well between me and Carrie and the other lovely ladies (and gent) who make up Scarlet Threads. Who is the Preacher and who is the Choir in that relationship? You decide.



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