Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome Latisha!

Words were flying at Eileen's Wedding.  AKA: The Tish and Carrie Reunion.

I distinctly remember the first day we met.  Sixth grade.  Her first day in a new school happened to fall on Halloween.  It was "dress-up day," and we all had on super-lame costumes.  I think the confused look on her face as she was introduced to our class is what did her in.  (Evidently her classmates didn't come to school in ridiculous Halloween costumes at her old school.  There are good reasons for that.)

But in the catty/back-biting/alliance-forming world of Jr. High relationships, she didn't have the easiest go of it for a while.  And neither did I, honestly.  I was the bookish, quiet, overly tall one (who wore weird Halloween costumes).  I felt like I needed just one good friend if I were to make it through the chaos of Jr. High, and so I finally mustered up the courage to reach out.  (I think I asked her what she was reading.  I think it was a Madeline L'Engle book.  Why is it that Jr. High friendships feel like bad first dates?)

(I'll let Tisha share with you the story of just how came to the conclusion that I needed to reach out, if she's so inclined.  It's a doozy, and probably funnier from her perspective.)

And the rest is history.  We've been best friends since.  It's that kind of friendship that doesn't require hours together each month.... we maybe see each other in person about once a year, but when we do - watch out!  Words are flying!!!  She and her husband, Seth, have lived around the world in their seven years of marriage, and as a result Tisha has a burden for economic development in impoverished countries.

I couldn't let that heart go untapped, now could I?

Now living in Houston with her husband and adorable little daughter, Gabriella, Latisha is going to be volunteering with Scarlet Threads.  I'm so excited to have her join us that I can't quite wrap my mind around what she should do, besides talk to me, but upon consulting with Eileen, I think she's probably going to be taking the lead on building relationships with new shops, boutiques, and other places that might like to carry Scarlet Threads merchandise and just don't know it yet.

Thanks for joining us, Latisha!  I promise not to distract you from your work all the time.  :)

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