Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Update: 7Hopes and The Little Italy Mercato

Scarlet Threads and Seven Hopes United have continued to collaborate over the past few months. Ashley, the co-dreamer (co-founder) of 7Hopes, is a gem and we are continually trading ideas for spreading the message of dignity!

Recently, Seven Hopes United became a fixture at San Diego's
Little Italy Mercato and they decided to bring Scarlet Threads aprons along for the ride. And, after their success, we are looking into farmers markets as an outlet for our products.

Since 7Hopes has been kind enough to share our products with all of San Diego, we would love to return the favor and share a part of their story with you. I find their business inspirational and a soul sister to Scarlet Threads - I think you'll see why.
Ashley eloquently stated their purpose on the 7Hopes facebook page, ‎"We exist & believe fully in the impact that's made when people are valued, appreciated, and paid fairly for their time & talent." As consumers, their company wants to help us recognize "how our purchases affect people of the world." By shopping at 7Hopes and other companies dedicated to dignity and fair trade, we are helping artisans around the world provide basic needs for their families. Essentially, like Scarlet Threads, they are dedicated to providing a pathway out of poverty through dignified employment.

Go ahead, check out 7 Hopes. If you are in the San Diego area, stop by and meet them at the Little Italy Mercato. Fan them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter (@7hopesunited). Or, just stay tuned to Scarlet Threads - Seven Hopes United tends to make frequent appearances on the blog and Facebook Fan Page.

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