Monday, October 11, 2010

Is a Tree Skirt a Skirt?

My husband is adorable. I wrote on our facebook page recently about a conversation we had about our new products, specifically tree skirts. I need to preface this story that my husband is a smart man: top of his class in engineering, very driven, and normally well endowed with common sense.

When I showed him a picture of our new tree skirts, he responded by saying he needed to see it on. On? I was confused. He continued by saying he didn’t really know what it would look like and whether it would be flattering on me.

I definitely got a good laugh. But, it didn’t stop there. Oh no, I am far too sinful to let on. Carrie mailed me the samples of the new “skirts” and Aaron opened the package. The tree skirts are around 60 inches in diameter and made of vibrant colors.

As with all tree skirts, there is a slit up the side so that you can slip it around the base of your Christmas tree. My husband was intrigued. How will you keep it from flying open on a windy day? That’s easy, I replied and pointed to the three ties down the slit. Ah. And again, he wanted to see what it looked like on. Being the good sport that I am, I indulged him.

Here are the results. Aaron tends to think that the tree skirt is a bit too conservative for his tastes. Although, he concedes that there are certain segments and cultures within our population where this type of skirt might be quite popular.

As you can see from the picture, we had just returned home from our kickball playoff game. We lost. It was terribly sad, but such is life.

Can you make out my name? It’s Cuisine, an obvious reference to my love of food and cooking. J

My husband was slightly irritated at my having played such a wicked trick, but was visibly relieved that I will not be sporting the Scarlet Threads tree skirt at his company Christmas party.

Believe me, the tree skirt looks much better around a tree than it does on me! They will be available for purchase in early November. Keep your fingers crossed that the journey from China is uneventful.


  1. I particularly like that you kept him going for so long. Take advantage of this phase of your marriage because I can no longer fool Chris anymore. He's used to my tricks now. A very sad thing. They didn't have a sister and they don't know much about girl stuff so there is alot of potential here. Keep tapping into it!

    It is a cute tree skirt. You wear it very pioneer-womanly.

  2. love it! I am thinking that I will need to promote these with another giveaway....

  3. I love the idea of adding tree skirts to the ST store! I think some Christmas inspired (fabrics-color combos-etc...) would be a hit, too. I know they are only seasonal this way, but would be such fun gifts!! Then you could think ahead for some Valentines and/or Easter colors, too. Just a thought!!