Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Naming Contest: Mama's Helper

Back by popular demand, another Mommy and Me combo!  Matching mom perfectly, this little girl apron will definitely make your big helper feel all grown up.  Gently Asian-inspired fabrics in shades of evergreen, eggplant, and burnt orange stay true to Scarlet Threads' roots while appealing to the most modern of cooks this holiday season.  With a ruffle all the way around the skirt and a tie long enough for either the back or the front, this apron is sure to help you whip up tasty holiday treats and inspire your little one to at least unload the dishwasher.

Note: Adult apron has a button-neck while child-sized version ties at the neck with a button detail to match mom.

We will choose one name for this apron.  If, for example, the winning name were Jewel, the child's apron would be called Xiao Jewel.  Xiao means "little" in Chinese.  Entries accepted until Friday, October 29. Winner will receive a 50 percent off coupon good for one item in our shop, and all participants will qualify for a half-price baglette with any purchase... A perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season! Leave your entries as comments on this post or on facebook.


  1. I LOVE this one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Before I read the blurb, the first word that popped into my head was aubergine, the "European" word for eggplant. With that in mind, maybe Ginny.

    Yes, Ginny. I like it.

  2. How about the Zoe?

    I absolutely love this one! And I love the models, too. Miss you girls!

  3. I like the name Autumn? I like it with the beautiful colors and the cute little leaves on the bottom.

  4. Love this I would've bought this on instead of Olivia!! Not that I don't love Olivia :-)

    I see Madeline when I look at it.


  5. This looks like a "Nora" to me. :0)

  6. I saw Lily was already suggested on facebook so I'm adding Hollie. My friend has a little girl named Hollie and I would love to buy this set for them for Christmas.

  7. The flower reminded me of chrysanthemums....a flower of honour in China.

    So, Chryssie or Honour

    (my old neighbor adopted a little girl from China and named her Honour)