Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tasty Tuesday: Another Way to Roast a Chicken

Step One:
Go to the village chicken lady. (Pictured above.)

Step Two:
Try not to feel too guilty as you choose your bird. (Hint: Don't make eye contact. With the bird, that is.)

Step Three:
Explain to the shop keeper that you do not wish to have the head or feet included with your purchase.

Step Four:
Say hello to a Chinese co-worker who is shocked to find you at the chicken lady.  When she wonders why you are backing away from the chicken vendor, endure her good-natured laughter as you tell her that you don't want to watch the chicken die.

Step Five:
Beat a hasty retreat to the nearby vegetable lady while "the deed" is being done. Leave husband to oversee process.

Step Six:
Have husband confirm with shop keeper that we really don't want the head and the feet.

Step Seven:
Let husband RE-confirm that we do not wish to take home the head and feet. Let husband endure shopkeepers questions of why alone. (You are still at the vegetable lady.)

Step Eight:
Return to husband when the coast is clear.  Try not to visualize the contents in the thick plastic bag on your walk home.

Step Nine:
Rinse chicken. (Say silent prayer of thanksgiving that the vendor does gut and de-feather the bird.) Slather with favorite spices. (We used olive oil and a greek poultry seasoning.)

Step Ten:
Roast. Follow Eileen's directions from a couple of weeks ago.

ENJOY! And pat yourself on the back for finally buying a fresh chicken from the village. It only took us 3 years to work up the nerve…


  1. I love the chicken lady! She has the best chicken on a stick. I really do miss walking into the village for that delishious treat!

  2. The Chicken Lady looks so sweet! I am with you though, head and feet are not necessary. :)

  3. Kinsey - this is a TOTALLY different chicken lady. Not the one who deep fries pieces of chicken... but the one who butchers the fresh ones. I'm still feeling quite proud of myself for my bravery, so just needed to point that out... :)

  4. Before too long, perhaps you'll post here that you purchased a chicken with the head and feet! :)