Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas Season

The Christmas season is fast approaching; can you believe that another year has passed already? One of the things that I love most about this time of year is the constant reminder that we have cause to celebrate, to be joyful, to share, and to enjoy our lives. It’s the season where selflessness abounds, where we think of others before ourselves. We open our homes to family and friends, and occasionally the distant relative who is for all practical purposes a stranger. The strange thing to me is that it all seems so natural!

What doesn’t feel entirely natural to me is to buy “stuff” for someone you truly care about. I think many consumers have begun shifting in that direction as well. I guarantee you I am not ahead of the curve! People are looking for products that have a story, that have an origin, that mean something. And, handmade items are in high demand!

In 2009, we started a little company called Scarlet Threads. Our story is a little different than your average company. Like some other great ideas, it began almost by accident. Our founders were living in a tiny rural village in China, volunteering for a foster home for special needs children. They were struck at once by the pride of the villagers and also by the immense poverty that surrounded them, and they began to wonder how they could help. The answer was to start a business to provide a pathway out of poverty through dignified employment for rural women. The village is full of talented and resourceful women, many with a penchant for sewing. Scarlet Threads was born.

We specialize in aprons, but we have a rapidly expanding product line that now includes purses, children’s dresses, and for the Christmas season tree skirts! Our products are handmade and fair trade, and they come in several styles and unique fabrics. We visit the fabric market every few months to design new products, so there is always something fresh in our online boutique.

When you purchase a boutique-quality item, you become intricately connected to a woman half a world away and you help to make our core vision of Work. Dignity. Beauty. a reality in the lives of our partner seamstresses.We would love for you to join our cause and our online community by becoming a blog, Facebook, or Twitter follower.


  1. hehe! I should have credited you in the post, my dear! But, I loved the picture you sent and HAD to use it! It took me forever to find it again though! :)