Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fair Trade Winds: a New ST Retailer!

I’d like to introduce our newest partner and retailer, Fair Trade Winds! A couple of months ago we “met” on twitter and became fast friends. It’s an easy thing to do when we find a group of people who share our heart and vision.

As you can see in the picture to the right, our ST aprons have found a warm place to call home as they await discovery by new customers who are becoming "an integral part of a cooperative effort that benefits farmers, artisans, and the environment."

Fair Trade Winds is a family-run retail store providing certified fair trade and environmentally sustainable products supporting artisans, farmers, and craftspeople from around the world. They are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America.

They have three retail stores in the North East - if you are in the region, stop by and check them out!

August 2012 Update
Last year FTW opened a store in the Seattle area. Don't miss it, Pacific North West Folks! They have a fresh stock of our latest aprons. Happy Shopping - in Fair Trade Style.
1815 N. 45th Street
Seattle, Washington 98103


  1. Fairfax! I can visit that one! Oh, and Bar Harbor? LOVE Bar Harbor!

  2. I see in the photo one or two ST aprons that hasn't roled out yet at ST?? (the two on the far left) LOVING the colors!!! Can't wait to see if they will be unveiled this fall??