Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Apron Party: A Fun Affair!

One of our faithful supporters, Fay, hosted an Apron Party and graciously offered to let our readers and followers share in the experience. If you are interested in hosting your own, let us know a date and we will put it on our calendar.

Here's Fay:

Hello, my name is Fay and I’m a lover all food and doing good things to support amazing causes. I stumbled across Scarlet Threads through a fellow blogger’s site and fell in love with the story. We get so caught up in how good we have it here in the states that sometimes it’s easy to disconnect from other countries and the struggles they endure. Of all those who struggle women seem to be at the very top of the list and anything to empower another women warms my heart. I cannot imagine not having warm food, a warm place to lay my head every night, or the opportunities to improve my life whenever I choose. Scarlet Threads reminded me that there are so many impoverished women in the world who have to go to desperate extremes to feed their families a bowl of rice, while we’re feasting on prime rib.

After falling in love with Scarlet Threads I knew I wanted to be part of their story and contacted Eileen immediately. She’s am amazingly positive and inspirational person. The creativity that went into offering opportunities to the woman in Asia that she has humbles me. I contacted friends and family for a fun filled few hours of friendship, food, and handmade aprons, dresses, purses, and baglettes. The items I received for my show were so much more than I ever imagined. They were even more beautiful than they looked online and the craftsmanship is far superior to any other that I have seen. There was definitely an emotional moment for me after receiving these beautiful pieces. I could feel the love and hope for a better future that went into them.

The day of the party we had a nice little spread of tasty treats. The girls came over and wore the aprons, swapping the different styles throughout the party and struggling to decide which one they loved best! I myself ended up with several that I couldn’t stand the thought of sending back. We made pretzels topped with Rolos and pecan in our aprons (which I failed to take a picture of). Several of my friends purchased the darling dresses for their daughters and had their pictures taken in them. We were all inspired and deeply touched by Scarlet Threads story and the women of Asia.

My story with Scarlet Threads isn’t over and I will continue to support them in the future and watch as it blossoms!

Fay, I can't thank you enough for your kind words. :)

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  1. This is so wonderful, I just love it! Fay, what a lovely day!