Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Naming Contest 4: It's in the Bag

With a pop of teal, pink, and gray springtime fabric lining the inside of this purse, this chocolate brown shoulder bag makes the perfect accessory. Versatile enough to be an everyday bag, it closes with a magnetic clasp and features pleating and coconut-shell button details on the front. Made with a Made by Rae pattern, this is a casual bag you'll turn to as you run out the door for a springtime lunch. A perfect gift for your girlfriends, the only thing they'll like more than the bag itself is knowing the impact each stitch made.

She's adorable... that much is for sure. But what should we call her? If you can't wait to get your hands on her, she's available in the Scarlet Threads shop right now!

Entries accepted until Saturday, March 19. Winner will receive a 50 percent off coupon good for one item in our shop! Leave your entries as comments on this post or on facebook.


  1. Are you familiar with "Anne of Green Gables"? when she first meets Marilla she is asked "What's your name child"? Anne says "Will you please call me Cordelia"? This bag reminds me of Anne. She may look a little plain on the outside, but inside she is full of surprises. So, will you please call it Cordelia?

  2. I'm thinking LuLu or my second choice would be Ruthie. Can't wait to buy a couple of these.....they are FANTASTIC!!!!

  3. Oh I love Anne of Green Gables!
    How about a shortened form of Cordelia ...
    "Dalia or Delia"--however you'd like to spell it

  4. LOTTIE (you can put lots of stuff in it!)

  5. It looks like Sadie, as in Sadie, Sadie, Lovely Lady!

  6. Fail. That would be the name of the previous bag. I knew I liked it!
    I love the chocolate color, so how about Cocoa?