Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! A One-Day Sale Defined by You!

Is anyone out there familiar with Extreme Couponing on TLC? I am completely enamored with the thriftiness of these folks, but I am completely incapable of duplicating their efforts in my own world. In the spirit of couponing, however, we at Scarlet Threads decided to create a deal for you!

One Thursday per month we will have a special one-day sale where the discount is entirely based on how many new facebook followers we received since the preceding Thursday. We will announce the date of the one day sale on the Thursday before to allow you the opportunity to spread the word about Scarlet Threads to all of your Facebook friends

We shall call this "Thrifty Thursday!" In order to increase the discount, use the "suggest to friends" button to introduce your social network to Scarlet Threads. At a future date, we may choose to do a Thrifty Thursday based on Twitter or Blog Followers. We are not super stealthy, so we will let you know which social media we are selecting for the one day sale, how many current followers we have, and how we will calculate the discount.

I wouldn't let you down, would I? Now that you've read about the concept, we are announcing that NEXT THURSDAY will be our first Scarlet Threads Thrifty Thursday.

Current Facebook Fan Count: 3200

For every new fan from now until I check the account on the morning of Thursday next, the one-day sale will increase by 1% (up to 50%). For example, if we receive 27 new fans the sale discount will be 27% and if we receive 52 fans the discount will be capped at 50%. See? Isn't that fun? You can command your own destiny and demand your own price.

Ready? Set. Suggest a Friend!

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