Monday, June 27, 2011

our first cookbook swap!!!

As you'll see from the photo below, I have a lot of cookbooks. When I say a lot, I really mean it.
Exhibit a-

This photo doesn't even show all of my cookbooks! There are a lot more that you can't see, off to the left on other shelves and such! They range from all sorts of types, from international to baking to southern cooking. I love having them, but I will admit that I don't use them all as often as I should. There are some I use regularly, but there are others that I've never used. Awful, so awful, I know! I'm sure though, that I'm not the only one who doesn't always use all of her cookbooks, right?

This is where I thought of hosting a cookbook swap! We can trade a few cookbooks that we don't use, and then get a few in return that we will! Here's the idea. Leave us a comment and say that you'd like to participate. In a week or so, depending on the number of comments, we will end sign-ups and then partner people up. We will email you your partner's information and then then the two of you can discuss what you like, what you don't, etc and exchange addresses. Each pair will swap a cookbook, more if you'd like, but one minimum. Please don't go out and buy anything, take something from your shelf that hasn't had much use by you, but that your partner will love and use!

How does this sound? Make sense? Ask any questions, of course, and we will answer them as best we can! Also, please share this post on your own blog/twitter/facebook, etc! We'd love to have lots of people participating, as more people makes it more fun!

Maybe you'll find a great recipe you can share for a Tasty Tuesday!


  1. I would like to participate! I can be reached at

  2. Same here.

  3. What a great idea. Count me in! I would love to participate!

  4. Sounds like a great idea.

  5. Sounds like fun!

    julie (at) thelittlekitchen (dot) net

  6. I'm in !

  7. I would love to do this! I can reached at

  8. I would love to participate but I have a request. I have a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook that I would trade for a Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks. So if someone has that to trade please let me know. Those are the only books I'm interested in trading right now. cafescrapper at gmail dot com

    thanks, xoxo SusieQTpies