Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifty Thursday! 39% One Day Sale

Last week we introduced the concept of Thrifty Thursday where the discount is based on the number of facebook fans that we received since the previous Thursday. This week's discount?


We started with 3200 fans and this morning we had 3239! Ergo, today is a 39% One-Day Sale! Enter the code "thriftythursday" at checkout and you will receive 39% off your entire purchase in our shop.

Just think: Daphne is now only $17.08

Mattie May (our most popular style) is now $26.84. And, I must say that is an absolute STEAL. A STEAL!

It's a secret when the next Thrifty Thursday will be but, as we did last week, we will announce the date one week before and you'll have the opportunity to suggest friends on facebook and share our post on your profile.

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