Friday, August 5, 2011

cookbook swap partners!!!

I'm really excited to see that we had ten people sign up for our first ever cookbook swap! That means, of course, that there will be five sets of partners.

For fear of my emails ending up in your junk folders, I am listing the partners right here, on this post. Each persons' email is listed back at the original post, found HERE. Please go to that post to find your partner's email and then send them a note and introduce yourself. The two of you can then find out each other's likes and dislikes and then exchange address and mail books accordingly. Feel free to exchange more than one book, if you choose to, and any other goodies that you wish, but that is totally optional! One cookbook exchanged is the minimum.

Without further ado, here are your partners!

Unknown (Gretchen) and TheLittleKitchen

Does this make sense?

Please visit each other's blogs and make a new friend in the process!

There is no strict deadline on sending- we all have busy lives, but please try to be prompt when sending to your partner- I don't want anyone to be disappointed! Please email me with any issues that you may run into- lexi @ and I will look into any situation that may arise!

Most of all, have fun with this! I have high hopes for our first ever swap! I'd love to see what you receive with the swap, so please blog about it, and send the link to me- we can do a linkup and see what everyone received! Sound good? :)

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