Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember Lucy?

Someone recently begged me to check the Scarlet Threads stock room for the adorable Lucy apron. Maybe, she cried, just maybe you saved a sample for posterity??! (We abandoned the practice of posterity apron saving due to the fact that ST stock rooms are a closet in my Houston home and a rather larger closet in Jenny's Perryton home. We were simply running out of space and reasons to keep the collection of styles of which ST is SOLD OUT.)
One of our most popular styles in Scarlet Threads history was the sunny and lovable Lucy! She just reminded me of Summer every time I saw her. Well, to the point! Our retail partner Delicate Fortress Creations informed me that they have ONE (maybe 2?) of our Lucy styles remaining in their inventory.

So, if she was your favorite, you better place your purchase NOW or NEVER!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Coming Up!

Since June, we've picked one Thursday out of each month to celebrate our online community! Next Thursday is September's Thrifty Thursday (9.15.2011). The fun part about Thrifty Thursday at Scarlet Threads is that we empower you (the reader) to pick the sale discount. How?

Do you remember how we calculate the sale percentage? We give 1% off for every "like" we get on facebook, every "follow" on twitter and the blog (from today to Thursday morning). For every friend you introduce to ST, you march the discount to our goal of 50%!

Last month we only got to 39%... will this month be the month for 50%?

Facebook Followers: 3356
Blog Followers: 127
Twitter Followers: 618

It almost seems TOO easy to get a 50% discount, doesn't it?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scarlet Threads in South Africa!

I'm really excited to share these photos with you today! For the past four years, I've been a sponsor with World Vision, an organization based in Seattle, WA that works to build better worlds for children through various programs. I began sponsoring a little girl in Albania called Majlinda, and now sponsor a second little girl in South Africa, called Boikokobetso. I do also sponsor a little boy in Albania, called Redion. There is a monthly donation, and I also send them letters and packages, usually once a month or so. When I send a letter or package, they write back too, though it often takes several months for the reply, due to the amount of time it takes for mail to get there and back!

Recently, I decided to send each of my girls one of the Scarlet Threads little girls dresses
(I didn't think that Redion would be very excited about a pink dress!). I ordered one of each and sent them off to them. I was thrilled beyond thrilled when not only did I get a letter
back from Boikokobetso (who turned four last month!), but they included two photos
of her wearing the dress I sent!

Here is my little Boikokobetso modeling Scarlet Threads lovely Summer Joy!

(in this photo, she's also wearing a little tshirt from Old Navy that I sent a while ago!)

Isn't she the sweetest???

I love how she just never smiles in the photos, and always seems to be a bit confused as to what is going on and why her picture is being taken! I was so surprised and charmed to see these photos, since I've never received photos like this before. I do occasionally receive photos, but not often of them with things that I've sent. Also, rather than them being actual photos like we are used to, they were full size and on paper, as if the original photo had been photocopied and sent that way! You can tell somewhat, the way the creases are! I should probably print them out on photo paper though, and put them in frames, wouldn't you agree?

Have you sent any of our products anywhere? We'd love to see you or someone else modeling them, so please share a photo or two if you have one!