Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember Lucy?

Someone recently begged me to check the Scarlet Threads stock room for the adorable Lucy apron. Maybe, she cried, just maybe you saved a sample for posterity??! (We abandoned the practice of posterity apron saving due to the fact that ST stock rooms are a closet in my Houston home and a rather larger closet in Jenny's Perryton home. We were simply running out of space and reasons to keep the collection of styles of which ST is SOLD OUT.)
One of our most popular styles in Scarlet Threads history was the sunny and lovable Lucy! She just reminded me of Summer every time I saw her. Well, to the point! Our retail partner Delicate Fortress Creations informed me that they have ONE (maybe 2?) of our Lucy styles remaining in their inventory.

So, if she was your favorite, you better place your purchase NOW or NEVER!


  1. I'm so glad that I have a Lucy hanging on my apron hook!

  2. What a pretty apron! I love the sweet color cominbation! :)