Friday, September 9, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Coming Up!

Since June, we've picked one Thursday out of each month to celebrate our online community! Next Thursday is September's Thrifty Thursday (9.15.2011). The fun part about Thrifty Thursday at Scarlet Threads is that we empower you (the reader) to pick the sale discount. How?

Do you remember how we calculate the sale percentage? We give 1% off for every "like" we get on facebook, every "follow" on twitter and the blog (from today to Thursday morning). For every friend you introduce to ST, you march the discount to our goal of 50%!

Last month we only got to 39%... will this month be the month for 50%?

Facebook Followers: 3356
Blog Followers: 127
Twitter Followers: 618

It almost seems TOO easy to get a 50% discount, doesn't it?

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