Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Naming Contest: Flirty Floral

Here is our final naming contest of the year! I just love this one, especially the pink polka dot trim. That is my favorite part!

And the pocket! Why do I love pockets? I wanted a pocket in my wedding dress. Alas, I chose not to cut the gorgeous lace to create one. My one regret, it needed a pocket. Perhaps it was for the best. If I had added pockets, there is a good chance that the wedding rings would have been hidden from all photos - my hands being thrust in my pockets.

What is her name to be? Something to match her vibrant personality, I'm sure.

Like with all the others, please leave a comment here or on or facebook page with your suggestion! Entries are accepted until Thursday (Thanksgiving!!) and the winner will receive 50% off an item in our shop!

Good Luck!


  1. Khloe said "flower" so how about 'Flora' ...or Fiona?! :)

  2. Hands down ... this one in my mind ... is "Vivian."
    She is bright and colorful and sweetly FULL OF LIFE!

    LOVE those polka dots!

    (And I must also mention that it is suggested in honor of my friend Keri's sweet adopted, Chinese born daughter, Vivian, who went to be with Jesus at the tender age of 3 earlier this fall.)

  3. oooh....I LOVE this one! Looks like, Lindsay, to me!

  4. Rosa Fiore-Italian words for pink and flower.