Thursday, November 17, 2011

Naming Contests: Blue Winter Wonderland

Here is our first apron style for Winter 2011! Isn't she lovely? She reminds me of our Caroline apron from 2009. But, if possible I like this fabric combination even more!

You know there is a funny story here. We asked Christina of Christina Shippey Photography to come over to shoot our new products. And, what do you guess happened? I grabbed the child's size apron as I ran out the door. Well, it turned out OK because as you can see, it fits! We will be taking an adult size this weekend for the official collages - never fear.

Now comes the point! We need your help to name her. This is our favorite contest, where you submit your name suggestions in the comments of this post or on the facebook post! :)

Suggestions accepted through November 24th (Happy Thanksgiving!). Winner will receive a 50 percent off coupon good for one item in our shop!


  1. She looks like a Nadia to me :)

  2. The light blue lacy patterns against the midnight blue background on this apron remind me of the frosty crystal patterns God would design on my bedroom windows in the Winter when I was growing up! They were always so beautiful. It is GORGEOUS and I'm so thrilled to see this new item in the Scarlet Threads shop! My suggestion is either "Crystal" or "Lacy" for my lacy crystal frosted windows.

  3. This looks like an 'Annette' to me.

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  5. LOVE this! Khloe is sporting the children's version of the retired "Savannah" apron that mimics this style, in my most recent blog post. It's a special apron to me, as this was the first child's apron, designed 'by request' while Khloe was still at New Day, and I have photos of her 'modeling' the prototype while she was still there... so it was only natural I place one of the first orders for that lovely apron ~ which gets MUCH use now that she is home, I might add!! ;)

    As for this apron, I would have to say I agree with Valerie, having grown up in Minnesota and seeing those same snow crystals on the window. So I do like "Crystal" because of it.

    But in honor of my sweet Khloe, I will add my own suggestion, as "Elise" ~ as this was the name she was first given in New Day's care and a name she recently gave her Bitty Baby. She's very interested in hearing stories about her time in China, so since this resembles the original Savannah styling, it is only fitting I name this after my daughter's 'first' American name.

    God bless! <><

  6. Wow....this one looks like a Claire to me!

  7. Or, should I say...from my daughter, Olivia..she thinks it's Claire. ;) (Blonde moment)