Friday, December 9, 2011

Announcement! Rewarding Joyful Gifts


Please don't forget our Joyful Gift matching funds drive going on, now! We are seeking to sponsor two special needs orphans' surgeries at New Day Foster Home in our village in rural China. Please click here for more details! To date, we've already raised $960 - I am totally impressed and awestruck by the generosity of our ST community. Thank you!

I am excited to announce that two of our very dear friends (and retailers) who share our heart for the forgotten ones, are joining us to raise $5,000 for Wendy's heart surgery.

Seven Hopes United
Delicate Fortress Creations

When you contribute $25.00 (or more!) via the chip-in at the top right, you will be eligible for a $10.00 gift card in our Scarlet Threads shop. Here's the fun part, Seven Hopes will match that $10.00 gift card with another gift card for use in their shop! AND, Delicate Fortress will match it AGAIN with a $10.00 gift card in their shop!

(Donors: please send an email to to receive the gift certificate codes.)

That is $30.00 in gift cards for a $25.00 donation. Can it get any better? Oh yes, yes it can!

This is Wendy!

One other huge blessing is that two very generous anonymous sponsors have pledged matching funds up to $2,500! That means when we reach our $5,000 goal, we will have raised $10,000 total for Wendy's life-saving heart surgery. Carrie will be putting up a profile on this sweet little one who is in desperate need in coming days. We will also be sponsoring Asa's surgery - look for her profile coming soon!

In the mean time, please visit New Day Foster Home to find out more about their worthy mission to care for special needs orphans in China.

This just in, we have another very generous anonymous sponsor who has pledged additional matching funds up to $5,000! That means it isn't $10,000, but $15,000 total that will be raised for Wendy's heart surgery!

If you are a retailer interested in matching the $10.00 gift card offer, please contact!

New Day Foster Home is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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