Friday, December 16, 2011

A Joyful Gift: Wendy's Story

Last night was a big night for sweet little Wendy.

She had a very risky heart surgery... and she survived.  Which is a miracle in and of itself.  The surgeons gave many warnings as they began the operation:

1. Wendy was just abandoned in August 2011 at four years old. The surgeons told NDFH the optimum time to have done her surgery was when she was 3 or 4 months old.
2. 30% of children with this condition die following surgery.
3. They will try to complete the repair in one surgery.
4. Without surgery she had NO chance of survival. Even with surgery the chance of survival is small.
5. Post surgery she will need to be on medication to try and reduce the hypertension. This medication is quite expensive and she will need to be on it at least a year.
6. She will need frequent checkups and close monitoring to monitor the hypertension.
7. She will be on limited activity. She might have no symptoms, but even slight activity could cause her heart to fail.

We're all so thankful she survived the surgery, but now she's begun another journey, just as dangerous... a journey of recovery.  We're still working to raise the funds to cover the cost of Wendy's medical treatment, and we ask that each of you will consider giving to help NDFH as they work to save Wendy's life.  But even more than that, we ask that you will keep sweet Wendy in your thoughts and prayers.  She needs us now more than ever.  Of course, the funds are needed to pay for her surgery.  But more importantly, Wendy needs our love and care and prayers and encouragement.

She has such a sad story.  We may never know the real reason behind her abandonment, but generally it seems that when a child is abandoned with a serious medical problem at a late age, it is because the family knows medical care is needed that they cannot provide.  It is a bit like putting Moses in the basket... you know you can't give what is needed to save her life, so you pray someone else might.

Her basket led her, thankfully, to New Day Foster Home.  A place just as concerned with her emotional health as they are with repairing her broken heart.  But can you imagine a little four year old experiencing abandonment, an orphanage, a new home, and a major surgery all in the course of four months?  And experiencing the surgery without her mama and daddy by her side? She has experienced much trauma and sadness these last few months... we can be a small part of changing her story to one of hope and love.  Just think, when she's ten and her adoptive family tells her that her life-saving surgery was provided by a group of strangers who gave for the pure joy of sharing life and love with a little girl they'll never know...

That, my friends, is the power of redemption... turning pain and brokenness and tragedy - something this world is far too full of - to hope and new life and restoration.  We can be a part of this redemption.  Won't you join us?


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