Thursday, May 24, 2012

ST Sports Team?

If you've been following the twitter feed, you will know that at least one member of the Scarlet Threads staff is obsessed with Triathlon. It is true. My two great loves are ST and Triathlon. When Carrie asked for our ideas in her post on Monday, that was my opportunity to put my two great loves together.

Idea: I think we should create an ST Sports Team.

I can't be the only one in the ST Community addicted to Triathlon, or can I? Our team doesn't need to be triathletes! We must have gym enthusiasts, runners or cyclists or cross fit or Jiu-Jitsu artists or ... you get the picture. The point is, with the amount of time that I spend "training" during triathlon season, I could be reaching out to my community pointing them towards the great work at Scarlet Threads.

Problem. I am out of breath. I am by no means an exceptional athlete, so I can't talk and run or talk and cycle (the sheer mechanics of swimming make it impossible to talk and remain alive). I got to thinking, maybe I should wear one of our ST aprons during my "races" (read races as completion of and/or participation in official triathlon event)... that would get people talking. I nixed that idea as too dangerous (especially with long streaming waist ties getting caught in a bicycle chain or wheel, I'm sensing this could end badly).

Or, how about letting my shirt do the talking?
And maybe, just maybe, other members of our community might want to show their support for ST during their respective work out routines? It could be a sort of accountability group, you write in what your shirt was able to accomplish that week, share your health tips or your recipes for Tasty Tuesday.

So, what do you think? ST Atheletic Club? ST Accountability Squad? Fitness Junkies for Fair Trade?

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