Friday, June 8, 2012

FiT Friday: Brainstorming Continues!

For our first FiT Friday, we want to whip ST into shape!

Carrie's return to Scarlet Threads has completely reinvigorated the team. I'm out reading books about start-ups and we are in constant communication about how to grow our community, our retail partnerships, and most importantly the number of women that we employ/serve.

We've come up with several thoughts that we'd love your feedback on. We'll be rolling all of them out soon, but your feedback might change which one gets our attention first!

Please vote for your favorite in the comments!

1. Thrifty Thursday - one random product of Carrie or my choosing will go on super sale every week.
2. Scarlet Scraps - limited edition products made from our remnants (remember Carrie's baby quilt?)
3. Trunk Show Revamp - we have the Apron Party... but watch out for better rewards and more fun!
4. Affiliates - blogs or personal! You share your code with your community, they buy, you get free ST product!

Let the voting begin!


  1. I vote for "Thrifty Thursday."

  2. I think the Scarlet Scraps would go over super well, the quilts are a great idea and I'm sure some other things could come to mind...scrunchies or some kind of accessory.