Thursday, June 21, 2012

Naming Contest: Plum Anna

Anna has returned in a fun Asian fabric! It's a nice reminder of our roots in that small village in China and after all of the requests we've had for an Asian theme, we should hear much rejoicing from the ST Community.

This is definitely our fun and functional apron. If you are chef like me, you are going to need full coverage in the kitchen - and even that might not save me (but it makes it better). The plum tones mixed with spring green and pale blues won't be missed!

You can leave your suggestion in the comments, but be sure to check Facebook for the other suggestions! Remember, just for participating you will get a 50% off coupon for your entire order in our shop - just e-mail with "coupon code" in the subject line after giving us your fabulous name idea! The winner will be entered in a drawing with the other naming contest winners for a beautiful apron of your choice!

We have 5 new aprons in this product line, so I call that good odds! Don't miss the three aprons from earlier this week!!
  1. Art Deco Apron
  2. Vintage Floral Apron
  3. Teal Anna Apron
Note: We currently only ship to the US and Canada, which applies to giveaways too. :)


  1. I can't get Fanny out of my head...

  2. Going along with the Asian theme... I like Umeko (which means plum blossom in Japanese and is also a common girl's name in Asia)

  3. With the parade of dancing fans I suggest the name, "Song"

  4. Apparently I did not hit "post" the other day. Marcy?

    As is probably obvious at this point, I just throw out the first thing that pops into my head... no explanations to be had, as it turns out.

  5. Modest Plum
    Thanks from

  6. Fancy Fan
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