Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Naming Contest: Teal Anna

We've finally reprised our very first apron style, Anna! She can't just go by "Teal Anna" because that would be incredibly unoriginal. We need your help!  Remember, just for participating you will get a 50% off coupon for your entire order in our shop - just e-mail with "coupon code" in the subject line after giving us your fabulous name idea! The winner will be entered in a drawing with the other naming contest winners for a beautiful apron of your choice! (We have 5 new aprons in this product line, so I call that good odds!)

Don't miss the other new aprons! There have been 2 previous products launched this week and two additional coming tomorrow and Friday.
  1. Art Deco Apron
  2. Vintage Floral Apron
  3. Teal Anna Apron
  4. Plum Anna Apron
Leave your proposed name in the comments below and check Facebook for any other entries.

Note: We currently only ship to the US and Canada, which applies to giveaways too. :)


  1. Wow..this one is really striking! She looks like a Simone to me.

  2. Such a beautiful apron.

  3. She looks like an Olivia to me :)

  4. I think she looks like a Talianna. Very beautiful!

  5. Oooh beautiful!

    I'm going to say it looks like a Margot :) xxx

  6. I'm going with Octavia. :)

  7. Already left my thought on FB, but I'll leave it here too. I loved watching classic movies with my grandfather when I was a little girl and Katharine Hepburn left an impression on me. So regal, so headstrong, so beautiful.
    I think this one is Katharine.

  8. I love this one! Joviana
    momlovesdeals at gmail dot com