Sunday, June 17, 2012

Product Launch: Let the Naming Begin!

We just received a shipment of new products from our rural village in China and to celebrate we are hosting a giveaway!

Each of the new aprons needs a name and we are relying on you to find the perfect moniker! And what do you win if your submission christens the product? Well, winners will be entered into a drawing for a free apron of your choice! Just for participating you will receive a 50% off coupon. Leave your suggestion in a comment here, on the appropriate blog post for the new product, or on our facebook post.

(Send an email with "coupon code" in the subject line after you give us your suggestion.)

The contest begins Monday (6/18) and ends Monday (6/25)! So watch for the posts to go up first thing in the morning!  We'll be updating the links below or you can just visit every morning through Friday to see the new posts. ALL winners will be announced on Friday 6/29/2012.

Note: We currently only ship to the US and Canada, which applies to giveaways too. :)

Vintage Floral Apron Naming Contest
Tuesday 6/19

Art Deco Apron Naming Contest
Monday 6/18

Didn't Hannah, our new Thread Hunter, do a fantastic job at the fabric market! Come to think of it, this was her first time flying solo as product designer and, as you can see, she did tremendous. In addition to the 5 new aprons, we discovered some more Aubergine fabric and were able to restock with a very slight variation in trim fabric (the pattern is finer... the coloring is the same!)

1 comment:

  1. Art Deco: "Hot Sin"
    Vintage Foral: "Gram's Kitchen"
    Reversable Fantabulousness: " No Two Ways About It"
    Teal Anna: "La Luna Blue" (in Spanish)
    Plum Anna: "Rice Wine"