Friday, July 20, 2012

Lavender Festival

The Los Ranchos Lavender Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico was this past weekend. Albuquerque is the home of one of Scarlet Thread's newest affiliates- me! One of my favorite things about living in Albuquerque is the numerous community festivals, markets and gatherings that are available. It's a very little, big city and Lavender Fest is one of my favorites. The festival includes food trucks, farm animals, a farmers market, arts and crafts fair and of course- lavender! 

One of my favorite features of this and other festivals is the farm animals. They are so sweet, cute and functional! This pygmy goat was calm and cuddly; almost as cute as this little girl (my best friends' daughter). 

You can pet these docile chickens! What a dream.

Young alpacas are even softer than their parents and they have such sweet eyes.

The north valley in Albuquerque is very rich agriculturally and the lavender plants thrive.

Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances. It's calming, fresh, herb-y and feminine without being too floral-y. It's a very balanced scent. I use lavender oil to scent lotion and the dried flowers to make a milk bath that is really helpful in this super-dry climate. The plants do well in full sun with well-draining soil in fairly hot and arid climates like the Southwest. 

Lavender Milk Bath

3 tablespoons dried lavender flowers (you can find these at most natural food stores)
1 1/2 cups of cream or whole milk
1/3 cup honey

In a blender, process the dried flowers until they form a powder. In a bowl, mix the lavender powder, cream and honey until well blended. This can be used as a milk bath to soothe and nourish the whole body, or it can be used as a foot or hand soak. Rinse off the mixture and pat dry when you’re done. Store any leftovers in a jar in the fridge. 

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