Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Montage: Calling all Earth Lovers!

This world is a very small world and the "fair trade" community is even smaller. Two years ago, we contacted Tammy from a lovely shop called Earth Lover. She quickly responded, in part because it is rare to find a fair trade company operating in China - admittedly, there aren't many! She offered advice and counsel to this fledgling start up as someone who had walked in our shoes and made it through the the trying first few years.

Well, wouldn't you know that two years later my vacationing mother would meet Tammy in a shop in Georgia? Somehow they got to talking and Scarlet Threads came up. At work, at my day job, I started receiving text messages with continued advice from Tammy via my mother - "Become Fair Trade Federation members!"

But of course! Why didn't we think of that? (The mountain of paperwork? Sheer laziness? Both?) No longer! As soon as we can find a free moment, we are starting the process. Guess what! ... I can't wait for the guesses to pour in ... Once we are FT certified, Earth Lover might or might not carry our gorgeous aprons in their shop!

To the point of the post. As I mentioned in paragraph one, Tammy has a wonderful online shop called Earth Lover and we think you should hop over and take a look at her unique finds. One of my favorite products that they carry are Recycled Sari Throws (featured above and below) from a fair trade company in India. They retail for $28.00, are both lovely and unique - and they look so soft - and they provide jobs to more than 50 men and women!

I think the shop lives up to its name! Take a look at their green profile. I have never seen a shop do so much to live up to the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and to ensure an absolute positive impact on the planet and all of its inhabitants (especially those humans!). What interested me the most on the site, is how they select the people with whom they do business. When you purchase from Tammy's shop, you can rest assured that every product is sweat-shop free (just like ours) and often they are made in small work shops or homes (just like ours!). No, we aren't desperate for a new retail partnership, we are just dying to partner with Tammy!

So, show your support for her fabulous mission and pop over to the shop. You can use the code "SCARLET" for 10% off in their shop until July 31, and don't forget to bookmark the site so that you remember it at Christmas time!

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