Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Montage: an etsy shop of lovely dolls

If you're a long-time reader, you may be aware of my admiration and support for another amazing organization, called World Vision. In case you aren't familiar with it,  it is a relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

I've been a sponsor with them for almost five years now, with three children; two from Albania, Majlinda and Redion, and one from South Africa, Boikokobetso. You may recall this post, where I showed a picture of Boikokobetso in one of our darling Summer Joy dresses! Love it!

Before Boikokobetso joined my family, and before Redion too, I had another little girl in Albania, called Inaete. Her family, after a bit of time, left the program, as they moved to Italy, I believe. Of course, I miss having her in my life, but she's still in my prayers!

I like sending packages to my children when I can, especially for their birthdays and holidays. When birthdays rolled around, I thought of something special, and what's more special than a doll? Every little girl needs a doll to love.

I found the most wonderful etsy shop, called Gingham World. Little Miss Gingham makes the most darling dolls, and I knew that they were just perfect for Majlinda and Inaete. These little ladies are brightly colored, about 17" tall and ready for any birthday party or other special event! Their faces are handpainted! 

How wonderful are these dolls???

This little lovely went to Majlinda.

This darling doll went to Inaete.

The best part? Several weeks later, I received a letter from Majlinda, and here is an excerpt from it-

On May 5 it was Majlinda's birthday and she turned six. It was a beautiful day for her. Majlinda had a party in the kindergarten with her friends and they had a good time there. A week later, her teacher organized a beauty contest and Majlinda won two prizes: Miss Smile and Miss Kindergarten. We thank you for becoming part of Majlinda's birthday with your gifts, cards and letter. Majlinda loves the doll you sent her, you made her very happy. Do you want to know how Majlinda named the doll? She named her Alma (Al stays for you and Ma for Majlinda). I hope that you are okay with that!

How could I not be okay with that?! Lovelovelove. Her doll shares part of my name, just like Majlinda shares part of my heart. Though most people call me Lexi, my full name is Alexis, and Majlinda spells it Aleksja. Love it!

So many thanks to Gingham World and her wonderful shop! She makes everything herself, by hand, so things are always changing, and you'll never see the same thing twice! I love to see handmade items like this, and I can only hope that my sewing skills will one day be close to Miss Gingham's! She has to much talent, and I encourage you to check out her shop when you need a wonderful handmade gift for a little girl!

Editor's note: Due to summer vacation, Miss Gingham's shop is closed at the moment....we hope to have a mroe detailed feature of her shop, along with an interview and new products this fall, so stay tuned! 

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  1. I love World Vision also. A few years ago I started ordering gifts for people from their gift catalog. They send the honoree a card explaining what was given in their honor- it's a lovely present for the person who has everything (which is most of us)!