Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Montage: Jiayin Designs

I love finding little treasures buried around the web, and this little shop is just that -- full of little treasures. Kelly is one of those mamas who seems to have time for everything! In addition to writing an always-fun blog, My Overthinking, she manages quite a few other sites, too!  We Are Grafted In is a great source of support and encouragement for adoptive families.  And through The Sparrow Fund, she helps support families in the process of adopting by providing training and grants.  (Speaking of all her adoption advocacy work - can you take a minute to go to this site and vote for her video - third from top?  It seriously takes 5 seconds (no registration required), and if they get the most votes they get a free trip to an adoption conference.)  And did I mention she has 4 kids?  I told Kelly the other day when I wrote to her that I can't figure out how to keep Cora from drawing on my furniture with bars of soap while I get one email written... certainly don't know how she juggles so many different responsibilities while caring for four little ones!

But I'm not really writing this to share my admiration for women who seem to keep a thousand balls in the air at once.  (Though it is worthy of a blog post.)  Really I just wanted to tell you about one of Kelly's little treasures... her shop, Jiayin Designs.

As you know, Scarlet Threads' roots are in China, and so the products she sells go straight to our heart.  Beautiful charms with Chinese characters... and get this, you can even custom-order charms with specific words or names!  (And the story behind the shop is as precious as the charms.)


The character hao, which means "good." 
Composed of the characters for woman and child and backed with mother of pearl.

I know lots of you are connected to the Chinese adoption community.  So do you know someone who just received a referral?  You can have a custom-made charm created with the little one's name... keeping him even closer to mama's heart while they wait.  Do you already have a little brood of your own?  They even offer charms with space for multiple names!  

And it isn't just necklaces!  Jiayin Designs partners with a young woman in Hunan province who makes handmade dolls and the animals from the traditional Chinese zodiac.  A former school teacher, she started sewing as a way to support her family.  If we could, we'd be selling these dolls through Scarlet Threads!  But for now we'll tell you to go buy them from Jiayin Designs.  :)

This week, Jiayin Designs is offering a 25% discount off their charms this week to anyone who mentions Scarlet Threads in their order!  You have until midnight Monday, July 16 to take advantage of this generous offer.  

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  1. Ahhh...if you could see the loads of laundry trying to call my name while I plug my ears between tasks, you might think differently of me. :)