Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Montage: Lydali

For today's Monday Montage, we would like to introduce you to Lydali! We think that you'll love this shop as much as we did when we first stumbled across it a couple of weeks ago. Both of our businesses are focused on providing a pathway out of poverty to families in the developing world.

It's always wonderful to meet a person who shares your heart for making a difference in the world. Ali from Lydali is just one of those people. She and her friend Lydia (can you see where the company name came from?) started this online shop just two months ago to bring unique products from around the world to customers here in the US. What makes their mission more special than the products is that they want to forge a connection between the customer and the artisan who devoted their efforts to making the product.

If we can remind customers of the hands that make the product, won't that lead more people to consider the source of their gifts, to purchase items that are making a difference, to bring a story of an artisan supporting their family into their own family?

Pop over and tell me what your favorite product is, and if you do make a purchase use the code "SCARLET10" for 10% off your entire order! The coupon is valid until 7/16/2012.

One of Ali's favorite artisan groups that Lydali supports is 3 Cords, who employs Hatian women who lost limbs in the Earthquake. Thanks to 3 Cords and Lydali, these women can still have the gift of dignified employment, giving them a special independence and beauty. (See the beautiful pin below. Retail $12.00)

My favorite product that I found at their shop was the coffee travel bag, it just seems to fit my style. Maybe it fits my ST business trips a little better than my day job "downtown commute," but I am sure I could swing it! And, it looks pretty durable for the $118 price tag!

It was made by Fatima of Wren Design in South Africa. They use found materials and create upcycled products! This is perfect for the green at heart! Or, those of us who still practice the 3Rs that we learned in grade-school.

One day, we hope to work more closely with Lydali. For now, we are thrilled to bring them to you!

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