Friday, July 27, 2012

Profile of a Scarlet Threads Affiliate

Your real name :
Christina- but most people call me Crissy

How did you hear about Scarlet Threads?:
I first heard about Scarlet Threads through another associate, and friend of mine, Lexi. She was always blogging, tweeting and facebooking about how wonderful your cause was and how cute the aprons are so one day I decided to check it out for myself.  I browsed your site and was hooked!

In your own words, why did you want to join the Scarlet Threads Team?:
When I was browsing the ST site for the first time I came across their vision statement page. On it was a passage that read " There is nothing more beautiful than hope restored.......We believe that the careful craftsmanship and attention to detail found in each of our products reflects the same transformation: . the beauty of a talented seamstress proudly presenting her handicraft and receiving the opportunity to meet her family's needs." That resonated deeply with me.  I knew at once what ever opportunity came up to volunteer, that I would be  putting myself forward for it because I believe strongly in giving our fellow man (or woman in this case) a chance to change their situation or destiny.  

How do you differ from the other Scarlet Threads Associates?:
Good Question: Well first things first - I am no where as near crafty as some of my fellow staffers/affiliates! Rather my strengths lie more in the  " isn't afraid to talk to anyone area."  After that point there are really more similarities than differences. For example- Like Carrie I am also a wife and mother- to a beautiful  11 month old girl named Zoie (see photo below.)

Zoie and I (photo taken recently) 

Similar to Lexi I am originally a New Englander who decided to leave the area  for a job.  The difference between us lies in location; Lexi is still on the East Coast while my family transplanted to The Woodlands, TX. Like almost all ST members my my passion is cooking- I am obsessed with the food network , as well as Julia Child (even before the movie Julie & Julia came out- perhaps that is because I grew up in Boston seeing her on PBS; but I digress.)

Tell us a little more about you, the person behind the keyboard:
For the past 12 years I have worked in Marketing Departments helping to create, launch and manage product lines and brand awareness. As such I have an abnormal amount of experience in merchandising, vendor relations, travel and event arrangements/setup (domestic and international) which I am very excited to be able to bring to ST! 

Let's see what else- I like to learn, love to travel, and have a huge love of professional football (perhaps because I grew up in the New England Patriot's backyard.) To make things even more interesting I have very eclectic tastes in current tv shows; my intrests range from the Big Bang Theory to Downton Abbey to Anime.

Well that concludes this post- if you have any questions you'd like to ask me please leave a comment & I will be sure to respond to you!

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