Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Delightful Daphne

What can you get for $10 these days?  Not much... 

But this week only, you can get Daphne for $10!

That's 55% off the retail price!!!!!
(Which is actually a better price than our wholesale customers get! Shh... don't tell!) 

It's such a fun and cheerful apron... and do you see the pom-pom pocket?  Well those were handmade by Dou, a woman in our village who uses the money she earns to send her son to school.  She's also the woman who packages each and every one of our aprons.   

It's a super sale on a delightful Daphne for thrifty Thursday!
And yes, these awful alliterations are laughably lame.  But that's what happens when you try to do productive things at 11pm.


  1. I own this apron. Hands down, my favorite!

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